smarter, not harder.

Two computers is a luxury, yes. But... but... it allows me to test my committed code by pulling it down on my other computer. am i paranoid? yes. but when has a little extra testing hurt anyone?

Added php code to inspect the ua string to determine the client browser and then added that string to the body tag as a class. This approach allows me to do easy conditional styling! w00t :) I was concerned that I would need to fix a few things here and there based on the clients browser.

I have so much to do today that I can't do more work on this site till later this evening...

I hooked up backbone, yay! this means i added a lot of javascript code :)

you can now toggle between the two views without refreshing the page. I created 5 views, a model and a collection. I created a method in my contentitems collection named initWithSelector, it creates the collection based on the data on the page (aside: i miss objective-c... i think thats why i named the method so objective-c-ishly). This approach allows me to continue adding posts manually until the next steps where I hook up a database, create an api and make things really "appy".

I really wanted to use something like mongodb but im hosting on godaddy and cannot use it, im stuck with mysql. oh well. ill probably do something simple since I only need to create one routine to parse into my content items collection.

ok, next up:
  1. add a database
  2. add a page to create posts
  3. make this page completely data driven

Completed basic css for the content items. tested this code in chrome, safari and ff... no ie since i dont have it on my mac. Now that the basics are up, I'll push this to git and tweet it out.

next steps after that are:
  1. break 4 housework :/
  2. start writing js code to flip b/t views
  3. add some data storage mechanism

Now that the initial code is up on git, its time to make the css for the content items.

Pushed my initial code for this site to Git for the world to see...

goto https://github.com/tjtrapp/purlative and check out my code!

I've completed the initial shell of the site. I've added the header and styles, a reset from yui and a couple menu items.

hi. im currently coding the site. hit refresh, who knows ya know :)